What's out there

War is hell, son. If you want to survive, you'll need to understand your environment.

MAETEL-class Prototype Assault Ship

The Prometheus is the prototype for the MAETEL-class series of short-ranged assault ships and houses many of the latest developments in weapons technology. The Prometheus is highly experimental, so a pilot may run into some difficulties when first attempting to control the Prometheus. Take the time to learn about the various features of your craft.

The Prometheus utilizes a front-mounted ZB-Ion Cannon for offense. The ZB-Ion Cannon fires compact wave bullets which cause a physical impact while sending a shockwave with a unique frequency that adjusts in real time to shatter its target.

In addition to the ZB-Ion Cannon is the ERK Pull Beam, which lets you latch onto any surface or object and is designed to augment the maneuvering ability of the Prometheus. Combined with the Carapace-type armor, which lets you bounce off any surface without any damage, the Prometheus can be quite potent. However, the enemy's offensive might is formidable, to say the least. You can be confident in the Prometheus, but you cannot be foolish in using it.

The greatest achievement of the Prometheus is its D'Amico chassis, which lets it adapt quickly to the changing demands of battle with new technology. Developed by the senior engineer aboard Project Alexandria, it enables the easy switching of any system in the ship.

There is no autopilot on the Prometheus. As such, it should not be piloted blindly. You as the pilot of the Prometheus must think ahead and plan moves in advance. This can be quite daunting in a hostile environment, but it is imperative of you to remain calm in the face of this overwhelming enemy.

Additional upgrades are in development.

You must effectively combine all armaments and properties of the Prometheus if you want any chance of survival, let alone success.

Military-Grade VP
The Variable Programming Training Drone is the best that the military has to offer for training recruits and keeping battle-hardened veterans in shape. They can be programmed to exhibit a variety of behaviors in order to hone specific skills. Unfortunately, the Training Drones have to use conventional resources and are not built to be as powerful as the actual enemy units. They are a simulation, not a replacement.
Zokai Frontline Unit
Not much is known about this type of Zokai. Our xenobiologists theorize that they may be some kind of subspecies created solely for zero-gravity operation.