The story so far..

The "Zokai War" has been raging for over one hundred years, consuming energy, ships, and lives ravenously. All of Earth's military might has gone into defending the homeworld in a complicated ballet of feints, parries, and thrusts. The Human Defense Fleet have achieved some success, holding the line some distance from Sol, paying for their accomplishment with the blood and tears of military personnel. No civilian has even seen a Zokai in decades.

This mythic war has been locked in a deadly stalemate for twenty years.

However, what was once commonly thought of as suicide may now be the only hope for breaking the stalemate. Earth has developed a new breed of close-combat prototypes, designed as a testbed for experimental technology, to enter the bases of the enemy and destroy them from within.

Though you are only a recent recruit, you have been deemed worthy of piloting the experimental "Prometheus" craft, an assault ship with the most recent advances in warfare. With it, you might just save the Earth.