The Sixth Floor Labs, LLC is a company devoted to improving the Linux gaming scene through the development of solid, fun, and intruiging games.

We're currently working on Project Alexandria, a top-down shooter set in the future.

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We'll be around
Ethan Ethan
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                     /    REST    \
                    /      IN      \
                   /     PEACE      \
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                  |   killed by a    |
                  |      jackal      |
                  |                  |
                  |                  |
                  |       2008       |
                 *|     *  *  *      | *

Aloha 6fl the Tourist...

You died in The Dungeons of Doom on dungeon level 1 with 105 points,
and 1038 pieces of gold, after 263 moves.
You were level 1 with a maximum of 10 hit points when you died.

Due to a lack of funding, Sixth Floor Labs must regrettably close our doors. Carl's busy at school working on his Master's, and Ethan got hired at a programming firm, so neither really have time to continue work on Project: Alexandria or any other 6FL projects.

We haven't given up on the "ransom Linux games" idea. Maybe when we have more experience, we'll come back and try something different. Hope to see you then!

Thanks for all your support, everyone! Thanks especially to the microPledge people -- they totally rock! So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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The next level set for our retro physics-based space shooter, Project: Alexandria, is now up for ransom! You can see the collection at You can also get the current version of Project Alexandria at alexandria-r1.1.

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