Ethan Ethan

This is our official "first release" of Project Alexandria, also known as the "training" campaign. It represents the "launch" of our site and business. We'll still be getting pieces together for the rest of the night, but I'm very excited!

If you've played r1-rc3, the main changes are: a slightly improved AI on the enemies, some slightly better dialog, and some cleaned-up level structure (the test levels are now in a separate tests/ directory).

alexandria-r1.tar.gz -- source tarball (12.2 MB) -- py2exe'd Windows executable (15.8 MB)

Requirements are: python >= 2.4, pygame >= 1.7.1, ODE >= 0.7, pyode >= 1.2.0, Numeric. All of these are in Debian unstable. Also required: a pretty fast computer. An FPS counter appears in the lower-right of the screen if FPS drops below 27; ideally it should be hitting 30.

In case you're new here, the Sixth Floor Labs is a company whose business is the production of high-quality, GPLed Linux games. See about for more information.


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