Sixth Floor Labs, LLC, is a for-profit company committed to developing and improving the Linux gaming scene. We intend to do this through the creation of high-quality games which are released under the GPL in exchange for funding from the Internet community.

How does it work?

We develop a game, for example our flagship game Project Alexandria. We develop it in secret, though you'll find progress reports on our blog. Eventually we come to you, the Internet community. We say, "If you give us $40,000, then we will release the next level set for Project Alexandria." If you give us the money, we make good on our promise. Otherwise, nothing happens -- we keep the game and assets, and you keep your money. This model is called the ransom model of publishing.

We intend to release everything under the GNU General Public License, and thereby encourage gaming on Linux.

We're currently collecting for the release of the next campaign -- see .

How can I found out more?

Check out the FAQ.

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