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Ethan Ethan

Hey guys, we've put up a prerelease of the initial first campaign which we intend to release when we eventually launch one day (possibly as soon as next week? Yeah, right). If you want to see what we've been up to lately, please feel free to grab:

alexandria-r1-rc2.tar.gz -- source tarball -- py2exe'd Windows executable

Note that I've completely failed to test either of these, so they may be even worse than they usually are. Feel free to let me know about any problems!


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Music is still hard
Ethan Ethan

I asked my friend Chris Granger for advice. He minored in music, maybe he can tell me what to do to transition smoothly between Am and C. It shouldn't be hard, right? They're all the same keys, just in a different order.

I think Carl feels like more spaciness would be a good thing to have in this song that I'm working on. I might throw an echo or reverb or something on the sucker when it's done. Or, maybe make a good percussion track. Either way, later for that..

Also, made a new sound effect, it's pretty grand. Sound effects are so much easier than music -- not that they are easy, because they aren't, but they go so much faster sometimes.


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