Ethan Ethan

I've spent most of the day working on this song. The good news is that I have the first 8 bars done. The horrible news is that I have no idea what to do next. It sounds like a change is needed, like a chorus is starting, or a bridge, or something. But I'm having a really rough time looking for something that fits with the feel of the first eight bars, that also sounds different. And it's pretty frustrating trying and failing over and over. This is the first day I'm actually working on it, but I came up with the melody last time I was working on music (a week or two ago?). I think (if I had the money) it would be more cost-effective to just hire a musician.

I was hoping to go live this weekend but that seems increasingly unlikely, since there are two to three pieces of music I'd like to have in place that I simply don't. And sound effects would be good also, of course. But tomorrow I should at least make a new build of -rel1 and probably post it to the pygame site, maybe get some feedback.


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