Ethan Ethan

Got the TODO stuff I had planned today done, mostly -- or, as much as I expected to. I'm working on a web design for the rest of the site, which sucks because of CSS (have I mentioned CSS yet?) but mostly I'm playing it straight-and-narrow, just get something more-or-less functional that doesn't look like it crawled out of 1998. The design is mostly sketched out, and it's a simple one-column one so there won't be any stupid chicanery with floats or anything like that. I think it'll even handle expanding fonts without too much ugliness. I also tweaked some links in the new Alexandria layout so that they work. I still need to integrate a bunch of content into the site, but later-for-that. I expect I'll finish my todo list early tomorrow, so I can work on it then.

I played with git a little today. I wasn't impressed, but then, I am often overcritical of things which have been hyped a lot.

Oh crap, I just realized I was missing tags on a lot of these blog posts! Hmm, I guess I'll have to fix that.


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