Ethan Ethan

So, I've been working on the layout for the Project Alexandria subsite. It's a pain in the ass because I hate CSS with a passion, but that's life. I wish CSS had a simple way to say "X is to the left of Y", or something like that. I wish I didn't have to specify sizes in pixels when the font, font size, and monitor resolution were all up to the user. Basically, CSS sucks, but I don't have the time to write a better layout language from scratch..

Fortunately, Carl already did most of this stuff, including sketching out the content. So all I had to do was integrate stuff in a clean way with the site software that's already there. Which wasn't too bad, except for the few hundred lines of Perl, and hating CSS.., anyhow. Still needs work, and it'll need better content, but in the meantime I guess I get to focus on a redeign of the rest of the 6FL site.


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