Ethan Ethan

I haven't been brain-ing correctly today, but hopefully I can still get some stuff done.

I took another swipe at the dialog code. It's not really "finished" -- I didn't do dependencies -- but I also realized that maybe that's OK -- how long before dependencies changes things into spaghetti mayhem? We'll see what Chiz thinks. Chiz wanted a more complicated dialog system, I think, and I want to support that if possible, but I guess he's decided that a simpler linear dialog would be good for this kind of game. Maybe we'll expand on the dialog system in the campaign after this. Anyhow, that's why I didn't do much on the dialog system today.

I've been working on a song, which is tentatively called "The Jaws of Victory". It's supposed to be title music, and it still needs a bit of polishing. Maybe I'll send it to one or another of my friends and see if they have any advice; I don't feel right sending them the OGG or whatever without the source code, but maybe they'll have something good to say just on hearing it. (Me, I always need to play with it.)

Lastly, I told myself I would work on the site, possibly by integrating more of Carl's layout and content, but it isn't happening right now, so don't hold your breath..


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