Ethan Ethan

I've been caught up trying to refine the "hiss" sound. Interesting discoveries: tremolo to white noise can make fascinating noises. Tremolo at 100 Hz makes a buzz; tremolo at 10 Hz sounds like a helicopter. Very cool.

Damn, there's a vibrato effect in here, and has been here the whole time! It's "TAP Vibrato". I wish these plugins were alphabetized by function instead of by name. Still, cool.

And what the heck is the Slide plugin (LADSPA 2741 in the Omins package) do? I ran it on a square wave, but all I got were some crackles. But if you change-speed that by 100%, it makes some much cooler crackles. But they don't play well with other sounds -- all those negative numbers. But if you invert it.. wow, that sounds pretty crunchy! But, hmm, you can't envelope it? Woah, all the numbers are above 1! I'm so confused.


Last edited Tue 02 Oct 2007 11:27:28 PM PDT