Ethan Ethan

Getting a good, solid "crunch" sound is very tricky. I thought I could just make a crackly kind of sound, but even that is really hard. I tried to use (Nyquist code):

(defun crackles (dur)
 (let* ((samples (truncate (* dur *sound-srate*)))
        (a (snd-samples (force-srate *sound-srate* (const 0 dur)) samples)))

   (dotimes (i (/ samples 128))
    (setf (aref a (my-random 0 samples)) (my-rrandom 0.0 1.0)))
   (snd-from-array 0 *sound-srate* a)))

But, lo and behold, it just sounds like a crappy white noise.

Now I guess I'm back to square one. I have my decimated white noise -- maybe I can get something good going on with the "echo" function in Audacity. But quickly, because I have jury duty in the morning..


[Edit: this sounds promising. Track one: Chirp, Sawtooth wave from 40 Hz to 20 Hz (both at amplitude 0.8). Track two: the same, except run Random Wave Generator FCSA on it (frequency 440 Hz). Hmm..]

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