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Sound tricks
Ethan Ethan

For some reason I've been fixating on sound effects for Project Alexandria. I've been working on a sound for the aliens to use when they get hit. I just wanted to drop some notes that I've found useful:

  • If you're aiming for an NES sound, the decimator is your friend.

  • You can also use the "Random Wave Generator" LADSPA plugin. In Audacity, you can use the FCSA variant on some random audio track, and specify a low-ish frequency to get a lo-fi white noise. I think this is how I made the "big explosion" which you hear at the end of training5.

I'm currently working on doing some kind of frequency modulation from within audacity, so I can make a sound that starts at a high pitch and drops a little. Will this sound good, or at least better? I have no idea. Audio stuff is hard!


[Edit: It's called "chirp", it's in "generate". Sigh..]

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