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Ethan Ethan

I've been slipping in clocking time I spend working on Alexandria recently. Naughty, naughty. I don't worry about it too much, but maybe I should.

Yesterday I clipped the .oggs used as background music. This is intended to make them loop a little better, but I'll likely need to rewrok the compositions in order for them to optimally loop. I've also been looking at various music software (LMMS, Cheesetracker, MusE, etc.) and I'll probably have to write down all of what I learned in order to keep it straight in my mind. I might do that today.

I've also been working on big, bad, healbeam7. Carl also asked for some support to allow each creature's bullets to have different properties, and that's something I sort of need in order for healbeam7 to have so I'll hack that in too.


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