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Hate CSS
Ethan Ethan

In between rounds of Hex-A-Hop, I've been working on pimping out the alexandria page. I've been playing with the web page Carl made a while back. You can see what I have right now at ?newlayouttest. I might ditch the javascript-enabled left bar in favor of a more conventional sidebar, possibly with images like the ones Carl has there, but possibly not (it's hard to make images that are also links in ikiwiki).

I really hate web design. I hate even tinkering with HTML templates like those ikiwiki uses. The whole thing is practically painful, even though it's just editing a matter of editing text on my laptop. So I touch it for a little while and then run screaming. Fortunately, I have plenty of other things to do too -- I just haven't been doing them. But I really need to get cracking on those level designs. And there's always more art to integrate...


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