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So much to do
Ethan Ethan

I've been working for most of the day, when I haven't been wandering dazedly around the house. Carl's sent me some updated graphics for the station and I've folded them in, mostly, but tomorrow I have to fix some breakage I wreaked related to doors. We're gonna be working all through the weekend but I have a feeling I have a lot more to do than Carl does. I better start doing it, then.

Major objectives: healbeam7, a new healbeam4 involving the, uh, healbeam. Dialog throughout the healbeam campaign (Chiz volunteered to take care of this, but I can do it in a pinch). Possibly new songs. Fold Carl's web design into the site. Beat the heck out of the human AI?

Minor objectives: lots of polish, including many pieces of art from Carl, some optimization in healbeam4, some sound effects.

Wish us luck, eh?


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