Ethan Ethan

I read through the FastRenderGroup stuff that DR0ID wrote and liked it, even though the dirty-updates stuff isn't really sensible for a game like Project Alexandria. There's some code in there that "simulates" layers of sprites by storing all the sprites in a list. The lower-layered sprites are earlier in the list, so the higher-layered sprites are drawn over them. I thought it would be faster than the dict-of-Layers stuff I had in the View class, so I wrote my own LayerGroup that does the same thing. It didn't get me nearly as much speed as I thought it would (it bought me like .2 of a second over a 30 second run). Sigh.

Work still needs to be done in order to get the station to run at the right speed. I have two optimizations left that I know I can do.

Once those are done, I don't know what I'll do. I wonder if SDL has z-buffers? Ha ha..

In the meantime, Carl's been arting up the place, and new labmate Chiz started rewriting the dialog! I added him to the roster.


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